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Fall Diddley® 2024

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The 39th Annual Fall Diddley® show is on the calendar! Plan on joining us on October 12th (9:00am to 5:00pm) and 13th, 2024 (9:00am to 4:00pm) for our 39th Annual Fall Diddley® show! Fall Diddley® is an annual juried craft show that's sure to entertain! Come out and get your holiday shopping done early!

100% of net proceeds from Fair and Fall Diddley® are donated to 16 McHenry County agencies that service those with mental health related issues. Additional funding throughout the year is made available through our Immediate Grants Fund! Without your attendance and participation, this wouldn't be possible!

If you are interested in donating to the Mental Health Resource League, please visit our Contact Us page - or make a safe and secue donation via our Paypal donation page!.

Crafter Corner...

Download 2023 IL Dept of Revenue TAX FORM HERE...

If you have specific questions about Fall Diddley® or any craft related question, please contact the show chairperson by email at or Fall Diddley®.

Please note that questions will be answered much more quickly by email rather than calling the League telephone number. We are a 100% volunteer board and the telephone number is not monitored regularly except during the actual show days!

Our VOUCHER program has been a big success! If you are a crafter and are interested in earning a voucher please click here.



If you are a shopper or a craft show attendee, please feel free to contact us with your general MHRL questions and correspondence by using our contact form.