ICDIThe MHRL Immediate Grants Fund continues to be a BIG success! Last year, MHRL awarded just under $3000 to local mental health related non-profits. The Immediate Grants Fund was originally established to address immediate short term financial needs for qualifying 501(c)3 agencies that work to enhance or preserve mental health. The goal of the fund is to assist qualifying agencies with unanticipated or time sensitive critical funding needs. Grants are limited to a maximum $500 request and expenditures must be made within 15 days of receiving the grant funding.  Grants will be reviewed and awarded every 60 days by the MHRL Proposals Committee.

If your agency is interested in applying for the Immediate Grants Fund, download the IGF application below and follow instructions in the application. Please note that all Immediate Grants Fund Applications must be submitted by email to Hard-copy applications WILL not be accepted!







ICDI receiving Immediate Grants Fund check from board member Judy Mae Foszcz!

Download Immediate Grants Fund Application


Money Saving Opportunity for Crafters!

If you are a crafter in good standing and want to save some money - the Mental Health Resource League for McHenry County has a deal for you! MHRL is now offering cash-saving vouchers to crafters who send us NEW crafters for Fall Diddley®! How does it work?

Any Fall Diddley® crafter may recommend or suggest a NEW crafter for Fall Diddley®.

The new crafter must apply, be accepted and sell at Fall Diddley®.

Once new crafter criteria is met, a voucher will be sent (or given) to you as the recommending crafter. The voucher value for a recommended and accepted Fall Diddley® crafter is $50.

Crafters are free to recommend multiple crafters; thereby earning multiple vouchers to be used toward your application fees.

Vouchers may be applied to the following year application.

Vouchers MAY NOT be transferred to another crafter.

Vouchers are valid until used and have no expiration date.


1979 - Fair Diddley® on the Woodstock Square!

Fair Diddley 1979